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First American Finance Corp. offers one of the most successful mortgage default resolution programs in the nation. We have many programs designed to get you caught up on your Mortgage to help stop foreclosure or avoid foreclosure. The process of stopping foreclosure or avoiding foreclosure is referred to as Loss-Mitigation.

There are many reasons for falling behind on your Mortgage either due to work-loss, illness, death of a family member or other reasons. As long as the problem is resolved and you can afford your Mortgage we can help. Our consultants have earned the reputation in the Mortgage Industry as being the best in assisting borrowers with resolving and turning around financial problems. Our job is to stop foreclosure and save your home and we are committed to doing just that. We have helped hundreds of family’s with their financial problems from credit card debt to foreclosure. We are also a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.  




We are committed to helping you save your home. Once we have your information, we immediately go to work for you by negotiating with your lender, and getting you the best program available.  We will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

We have helped hundreds of families save their homes and turn their lives around. We are here to listen and represent you, the homeowner.  We do not charge a fee unless we can save your home.

If you are behind on your mortgage three months or more, and you can afford your normal monthly payment, we can help tailor a program that will get you back on your feet through many different loss-mitigation programs.


FORBEARANCE AGREEMENT - This is an agreement with your lender that will enable you to get current on your mortgage over an extended period, or a modification whereas we would negotiate with the lender and bring the account current by placing the arrearage on the back of the loan. We strive to get you the best remedy and get you back on your feet. Our team of Loss Mitigation specialists has many years of experience working with hundreds of lenders and reaching a resolution to foreclosure.

SHORT SALES - If you are facing foreclosure, can’t afford the home, and owe more than the house is worth, we may be able to negotiate a lower payoff to enable the sale of the home. This is extremely important because depending on your state laws the lender could come after you for the difference between what you owed to pay the mortgage off and what they sell the property for, is usually referred to as a deficiency judgment. The balance owed, or the deficiency judgment, is then placed against you thus causing further hardship. If you feel you no loner can afford your home and feel that there is not enough equity to cover the mortgage, contact our office for a free consultation or apply on line by submitting your application.  


How long before I get an answer Back?
Once we receive your application and the signed client authorization form, we can have an answer within 24 hours… 

What if I have a sale date, can you still help me?
We can usually save a home right up to the sale date depending on the laws of your state, but time may be running out.  We would need your information right away.

Should I talk to my Mortgage Company?
Yes, however if you hire our agency we would be in contact with your mortgage lender on your behalf. If the Lender feels that you are avoiding them the more likely they will initiate foreclosure.

What if I can’t afford my home any longer?
If you no longer can afford the home there are other options to help protect your credit as well not having a deficiency judgment (Depending on your state laws) placed against you. We can help with this by negotiating what is referred to as a short sale.

I want to sell my house but it’s not worth what I owe, now what?
We can possibly negotiate a short sale with your lender. The lender then would be accepting the net proceeds of the sale, thus avoiding foreclosure and a possible deficiency judgment.

How much does your service cost?
Depending on the program it typically will be equal to the greater of $500 or one monthly mortgage payment. If we cannot help you, the fee is refundable.

What will this program do to my/our credit?
If we can help avoid foreclosure your credit will improve opposed to a foreclosure being placed on your credit, which could stay there for 7 to 10 years.

How do I get started?
First fill out the online application and press submit and a counselor will be contacting you within 2-3 business days. During this time, you can download the client authorization form and send it to our company so that we can begin contacting your mortgage company.

Please complete the online application before calling to speak with a consultant.  Thank you.

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